Young, Dumb... Series 3
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Ruby-Jo, Jack, Tom, Gracie, Ryan, Enzo, Sophie and Jade are the cast of series 3.


Series 3 was made up of 8 brand new pairs of kids and parents, Ruby-Jo and mum Joanne, Jack and mum Marilyn, Tom and mum Alison, Gracie and dad Graham, Ryan and mum Natasha, Enzo and dad Tony, Sophie and dad Alan, and Jade and mum Sarah.

Like in previous series, these parents were sick to death of being treated like slaves, banks and taxi drivers so decided it was about time their kids got off their backsides and, like their parents, worked for their money so each week the parents would each set a work placement in hopes that the young dumbers would mature and hopefully do well in the tasks given, as well as look after their imaculate three story house like they would their own.

The Work PlacementsEdit

The first placement given was by Gracie's dad, Graham, who got them to work as cleaners, receptionists and kitchen staff at one of London's busiest youth hostels in the morning, and put into pairs to become tour guides in the afternoon.

The second work placement was set by Ryan's mum, Natasha, who decided the kids should work a night shift at Billingsgate Fish Market.
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Graham, Marily, Tony & Natasha.

The third placement was set by [], who decided they should be split into two groups (kitchen staff and front of house) as they set up their very own pop-up restaurant at their house, and prepare and surve a three course meal to 25 guests.

The fourth placement was set by [], who got the kids working with man's best friend as they prepare dog's at a dog shelter for a presentation in which they were trying to sell the dog's to protential owners.

The fith work placement [], decided that seeing as how they act like kids, they should work with kids, as they became children's entertainers for the day, being the entertainment and party planners for two kids birthday partys.

The final work placement, all three remaining contestants went back to their home towns of Stockport, Doncaster and Little Hampton in which they were given £1000, a team of voulenteers, and 2 days to re-decorate a house for a family who are in need of a home makeover.